Do you know how you can reduce your amount of manure? Is your material flow balance (nitrogen and phosphorus) correct? Can you dispense medication reliably and in compliance with the law, so that no resistance develops? We have the right solutions for you.

We build computer-controlled dosing and measuring systems for the keeping / feeding of pigs and poultry, so that you are well prepared for the future.




Das sagen unsere Kunden und Partner

„Meine Tiere sind dank des AquaDocs schneller wieder fit als früher. Das System ist einfach und unkompliziert.“

Stephan Große-Klönne, Putenhalter

„Die Konzentration eines Wirkstoffs im Wasser muss laut DIN-Norm immer gleich sein. Der AquaDoc von Lührs Gerätebau erfüllt diese Anforderung voll und ganz.“

Andreas Wilms-Schulze Kump, Tierarzt und Hähnchenhalter

„Die Multiphasenfütterung ist super. Meine Tiere wachsen schneller und sind gesünder. Die Kosten habe ich nach einem Jahr wieder bezahlt gemacht.“

Helmut Zettel, Schweinehalter Straubing

„Beim Besamungsgürtel TopFlow von Lührs Gerätebau kann die Pipette nicht abrutschen und die Sau hat immer genügend Bewegungsfreiheit.“

Fritz Rupenkamp, Schweinebesamungsstation Weser-Ems

Multi-phase feeding benefits animals, farmers and the environment

Multi-phase feeding is scientifically proven to be the best feeding method for pigs and fattening poultry. The composition of the food changes every day. The animal gets as much nutrients as it needs on the day – and nothing more. This lowers costs, protects the environment and keeps the animal healthier.

Trials by the Weser-Ems Chamber of Agriculture and our own tests have shown that:
With multi-phase feeding, the animals gain weight faster, are healthier and the nutrient content of the manure drops significantly.


About us

Since 1998 we have been developing innovative livestock solutions because as farmers, we know the challenges livestock farmers face every day. All of our products are first developed and tested on site at our farm in Rehden, Lower Saxony (Germany), before we have them checked by independent institutes.

Agriculture at home

Our mission: We want to ease the burden of the farmer´s daily work. We also know what our occupational group expects in the future. Our devices are, therefore, designed accordingly. You can rely on us.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

The Lührs family

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