Multi-phase feeding benefits animals, farmers and the environment

Multi-phase feeding is scientifically proven to be the best feeding method for pigs and fattening poultry. The composition of the food changes every day. The animal gets as much nutrients as it needs on the day – and nothing more. This lowers costs, protects the environment and keeps the animal healthier.

Trials by the Weser-Ems Chamber of Agriculture and our own tests have shown that: With multi-phase feeding, the animals gain weight faster, are healthier and the nutrient content of the manure drops significantly.

The optimal feed every day

While the pigs get completely new types of feed with every change in a conventional five-phase feeding, we adjust the diet slowly and continuously. The farmer only needs two silos for this. We build our VoluMeter automatic mixers under the silos. The VoluMeter mixes the types of feed anew every day. The computer regulates the mixing ratio based on the most important parameters such as the weight and age of the animals. They get exactly as much nutrients as they need and as a result less is excreted.

More yield, less manure

The animals in the trials were ready for slaughter a few days earlier.

The farmer saves significantly on feed – up to 6 Euros per pig – and improves his material flow balance (nitrogen and phosphorus).

The cost of switching to multi-phase feeding, however, is quite low. The investment pays for itself in around a year (with an average herd size of around 1,000 animals).


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